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The 5th Annual Aurora GreenFest is June 14, from 9 am to 4 pm at Prisco Community Center & McCullough Park, 150 West Illinois Ave, Aurora IL. This free family event features a Children’s Eco-Village and Community Trade. Find ways to be earth-friendly with local organic food, renewable clean energy, nature exhibits, a green car expo, and recycling extravaganza.

This year’s Fifth Anniversary GreenFest is full of surprises.

Mini Solar House 

Solar Home Demonstration | Community Trade Show @ Aurora GreenFest

Come and See! Three 85 watt photo-voltaic (pv) panels can supply 25% of the energy needs of a family of four!

Something new this year is the Solar House from the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA). The Solar House looks like a cute little playhouse, but actually contains three 85 watt photovoltaic panels connected to batteries inside.

This little house generates enough electricity to power approximately 25% of the needs of a family of four.

It also has solar thermal tubes that can supply roughly half the hot water needs of a family of four.

Rescued Eagles, Falcons, Owls

Another new exhibit is Save Our American Raptors (SOAR Illinois).  SOAR is dedicated to the welfare of our native birds-of-prey. They bring the most beautiful and exciting birds to the GreenFest.

SOAR Illinois | Children's Eco-Village @ Aurora GreenFest

Rescued Eagles from SOAR Illinois

Rescued eagles, falcons, owls—all of them are majestic and take your breath away with their dignity and beauty.  They inspire children and grown-ups alike to treasure and protect our natural wonders. We also have the bats and the bees again this year, plus a few chickens to help us understand the real origins of our food.

Green Car & Truck Show

The GreenCar Show has some surprises too, including the pyramid shaped “Dream Car” built by Greg Zanis and his sons, Chris and Greg. Phil and Chris Young are back with their Chevy S-10 homemade electric truck.

We have a Tesla, electric cars, hybrids, and one-of-a-kind cars. These beautiful, unique, and fun cars are enough to turn anybody into a green driver.

Great Food – Come Hungry!

Our Food Court is expanded this year. If you were hungry last year, don’t worry about it. You can find Indian food at the O’Mango Food Truck, good old-fashioned hot dogs at Nate’z Dogz Hot Dogs, or maybe some of Foxys ice cream or Lotties lemonade to cool you off, or a smoothie from the Protini Bar.

Children’s Eco-Village – Balloon Animals and Instrument Zoo!

The children’s eco-village is bigger, with fun stuff to do and make. No bored kids at the Aurora GreenFest. Lots of art projects to make new treasures from old junk. The ever- popular “Magical Balloon Man” Rich Centeno is back to do his incredible balloon animals with biodegradable balloons. And don’t worry about getting bitten at the petting zoo from Fox Valley Orchestra! Kids will get to “pet” real musical instruments, an experience that just might lead to an unplugged lifetime of making your own music.

Recycling Extravaganza

Our Recycling Extravaganza has some new ideas, too. Wayside Cross Rescue Mission is taking old shoes! And even rags and old clothes just too crummy to give away. Lions Club is taking glasses. Mutual Ground is taking old cell phones. Fox Metro will be there again to take back old medications. We are taking old art supplies, and even musical instruments. Get Green Recycling has drive-by drop off electronics recycling. Learn more >

Mavis Bates, founder of Aurora GreenFest, invites you. “Please come out this Saturday to enjoy the many interesting and unique adventures awaiting you at the Aurora GreenFest. The GreenFest is serious fun. It’s here to make you think about helping the environment while you truly enjoy yourselves. We look forward to seeing you there.”

Aurora GreenFest is honored to receive a major grant from The Dunham Fund, whose mission is helping build the foundation for a better tomorrow.

ABOUT THE ORGANIZERS Aurora GreenLights, in affiliation with The Conservation Foundation, partners with 100+ grassroots volunteers, exhibitors and local business leaders to host Aurora Greenfest, providing environmental education and community networking events.

We support regional sources for food, renewable sources for clean energy, natural resource conservation, and locally made goods and services.