The new generation of ecologically and economically balanced businesses are providing eco-friendly products and services.   By forging connections of knowledge and support, we are building a sustainable future together!

Seeds of the Future… Sembrando el Futuro…

Community Trade Show @ Aurora GreenFestWe are working to inform and inspire our community’s transition to:

  • Regional sources for healthy food
  • Local sources for professional services
  • Renewable, decentralized sources for clean energy
  • Fair trade, locally made and recyclable manufactured goods
  • Social Entrepreneurship to build sustainable, eco-friendly, fair trade jobs!

Rainbarrels from The Conservation Foundation @ Aurora GreenFestOur Exhibitors specialize in:

  • Local Agriculture and Regional Food Security Development
  • Clean Energy Solutions from renewable sources for homes and businesses
  • Nature & Conservation using urban organic gardening & eco-friendly landscaping, waste management & recycling solutions
  • Green Transportation alternatives to combustable fossil-fuels for bikes, boats, trains, planes & automobiles!

Needle Felted Wool Art | Community Trade Show @ Aurora GreenFest Our Community Trade Show products and services support:

  • Locally Made Products:  Art, music, jewelry, fashion, food, body care
  • Healthy Homes: cleaning solutions, products, and services
  • Healthy Food : Organic farms, community-supported agriculture (CSA), local food co-ops and restaurants
  • Healthy People:  Solutions for fitness, healthcare, nutrition, massage, body & skin care
  • Healthy Businesses: LEED developers, green business educators

It’s a very exciting time in Fox Valley.  Thank you for your support as we create a bright future together!