Aurora GreenFest is People-Powered!
Meet neighbors, community leaders, have fun!  Apply Today!

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Volunteer Leader – Christina Campos

To thank you for your time, we’ll buy you a festival t-shirt and lunch from Juquilita Tacos in North Aurora.



There’s a spot for everyone!


Early Bird Set-Up Support
Volunteer Center Hosts, Support
Welcome Center  Hosts, Support
Bike & Car Expo Hosts, Support
Kids Eco-Village Hosts, Support
Local Market & Trade Show Hosts, Support
Flexible Helpers
Garbage Guardians Lead, Support
Reuse & Recycling Extravaganza Hosts, Support
Breakdown & Pack up Vehicles, Trucks  Lead, Support

Be a Community Liaison:

Spread the word on community boards, church bulletins, coffee shops, forums, gas stations, grocery stores and little league games!

Share feedback with festival organizers!

Face to Face Support

  • Host a Yard Sign at your home and businessAurora-Greenfest-2015_Print-1076-M
  • Post Event Flyers in your neighborhoods
  • Talk to People, listen to feedback, share your ideas,

Online Social Support

  • Send Emails to your colleagues, friends and family
  • Share and Like facebook updates and the Event Page
  • Tweet and Retweet @auroragreenfest