Aurora GreenFest is People-Powered!
Meet neighbors, community leaders, have fun!  Apply Today!

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Volunteer Leader – Christina Campos

To thank you for your time, we’ll buy you a festival t-shirt and lunch from Juquilita Tacos in North Aurora.

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There’s a spot for everyone!

Early Bird Set-Up Support
Volunteer Center Hosts, Support
Welcome Center  Hosts, Support
Bike & Car Expo Hosts, Support
Kids Eco-Village Hosts, Support
Local Market & Trade Show Hosts, Support
Flexible Helpers
Garbage Guardians Lead, Support
Reuse & Recycling Extravaganza Hosts, Support
Breakdown & Pack up Vehicles, Trucks  Lead, Support

Bee a Community Liaison – Month of May

Spread the word on community boards, church bulletins, coffee shops, forums, gas stations, grocery stores and little league games!

Share feedback with festival organizers!

Face to Face Support

  • Host a Yard Sign at your home and businessAurora-Greenfest-2015_Print-1076-M
  • Post Event Flyers in your neighborhoods
  • Talk to People, listen to feedback, share your ideas,

Online Social Support