The Kids’ EcoVillage is all over the GreenFest.


In the Big Tent:

We have a big tent that will be hosted by Peace Jam, an international organization created by all of the living Nobel Laureate Peace Prize winners to teach servant leadership to children.  Some of their activities include:

>  Learning how to cook with a solar oven.  Come taste their delicious nachos, made without any fossil fuels or wood.  A great way to reduce carbon emissions, keep the carbon in the ground, and reduce deforestation in poor countries.  It also reduces indoor pollution in their homes.

>  Learn about no-idle zones around our schools.  This is an initiative that Peace Jam kids are working on, to get parents to turn off their car engines while they are waiting in line to pick up their kids.  Did you know that schools have some of the worst pollution due to car exhaust?

   >  Learn how to make the Very popular newspaper hats

   >  Crafts with paper towel and toilet paper tubes

  >  Creating pizza solar ovens making quesadillas.

  >  Presentation of PeaceJam club green activities.

  >  Simply Destinee dance tutorial.

  >  Coloring and more crafts.

Plus much more from these “kids teaching kids”


Visit the kids’ recycled art activities table.  This is very popular, and everything you use is something that you might thrown away.

See a LIVE BEEHIVE and bug eating BATS!


Meet rescued EAGLES & OWLS!

Pet a CHICKEN and play carnival games under the shady Burr Oak Trees.


4x3 bees


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Chicken Hugs @ Aurora GreenFest | Children's Eco-VillageLamb of God Farms @ Aurora GreenFest


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Calling Kids EcoVillage Leaders!  Any exhibitor or educator can contribute to the Kids EcoVillage at Aurora GreenFest.   Apply today to be part of the fun!

> Prepare a fun activity that teaches kids how to ‘Go Green’ in their home and community!
> Tell the festival organizers what you’re planning so they can spread the word!

See a LIVE BEEHIVE and bug eating BATS! Meet rescued EAGLES & OWLS!

Pet a CHICKEN and play carnival games under the shady Burr Oak Trees.

See a musical instrument zoo and dance to the UKULELE BAND!