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2019 Exhibitor Application – Aurora GreenFest

Local Farmers, Food, Restaurants |  Granjeros Locales
Renewable Energy Solutions  |  Energía Alternativa
Nature Conservation & Restoration  |  Exhibición de la Naturaleza
Auto & Bike Expo |  Carros Ecológicos
Recycling Extravaganza  |  Evento de Reciclaje
Healthy Living  | 

Apply in 5 Steps

Need help? Contact Caryl at  630.418.2619

1) Download, save, and complete the 2019-ExhibitorApplication

2) Email application to

3) Make checks payable to “The Conservation Foundation”
Contact us for secure credit card processing options  630.418.2619

4) Mail printed application and check to:
Aurora GreenLights    P.O. Box 1205    Aurora, IL 60505

5) Receive Confirmation from Festival Organizers.
Please allow 10 business days for us to process your application, thank you!

What is Local?  Made in Aurora is best!
Made in Fox River Valley is fantastic!
Made less than 150 miles away will strengthen our economy!

Festival Main Attractions

Bike, Car & Truck Show  Electric Vehicles!

Kids Eco-Village – Explore & Enjoy!  Actividades Para Niños!

Local Market & Trade Show – 100+ Exhibitors!  Feria Comunitaria!

Recycling Extravaganza – Restore, Replace, Reuse!

What does “Green” mean @ Aurora GreenFest?

Seeds of the Future… Sembrando el Futuro…

The People of Aurora are sowing the seeds of our future together.
What are Aurora communities calling for?

  • Fair trade, locally made, recyclable manufacturing
  • Entrepreneurs to help build walkable, bikable, eco-friendly local jobs!
  • Local sources for professional services
  • Regional sources for healthy food from local farms
  • Renewable  decentralized sources for energy   Learn more >

Urban Worm Girl | Community Trade Show @ Aurora GreenFestLocal Agriculture | Community Trade Show @ Aurora GreenFest