Thank You 2016  Green Car Participants!

Fox Valley Electric Car Association

Four privately owned electric cars with their owners to answer all of your questions, including:

Bruce has a 1930 Hupmobile plug-in hybrid street rod.

Mike has a 1984 Porsche 944 all electric…or I suppose u could say a ’84 Porsche 944 EV…

Plus a Skytrain electric trike.

Chevy Volt
Toyota/Chevy of Naperville

Nissan Leaf
Gerald Auto Group

Solar Car Charger
Kapital Electric

Toyota Prius, Prius C, and Prius V
Toyota/Chevy of Naperville

Evelo Electric Bicycles
Mikes E-Bikes

Tesla Motors

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Bring your electric bike, car or truck to the Aurora GreenFest! Share any eco-friendly alternative transportation innovation with the Fox River Valley community.

Apply today to reserve your place in the Green Car & Bike Show.

Electric and fuel efficient car enthusiasts, hobbyists and commercial exhibitors are all welcome.  If YOU own an electric vehicle, you’ll get the BEST parking space at the festival… at the CAR SHOW!  Please apply, and check in at the Welcome Center (Main Entry) for directions.

Bicycles, boats, tractors and trucks are welcome to demonstrate their earth-friendly transportation solutions too!

Show off YOUR Electric Car at Aurora GreenFest! >

The event is free for Not-for-Profit exhibitors. Commercial exhibitors are encouraged to support this grassroots promotional effort with a sponsorship.



This area is from 2014 and is for reference purposes only.

Thank You 2014  Participants!

Boulder Electric Truck
Standard Equipment Co.

Chevy S-10 – Homebuilt Electric Truck Conversion
Phil & Chris Young

Chevy Volt
Toyota/Chevy of Naperville

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) & Propane Truck
New Life Energy Solutions

Electric Pyramid Car – “The Dream Car”

Nissan Leaf
Gerald Auto Group

Scion iQ EV
Scion of Naperville

Solar Car Charger
Kapital Electric

Tesla Model S
EV Parade

Toyota Prius
Toyota/Chevy of Naperville

Trucks – City of Aurora