Rising fuel prices inspire a DIY project to end reliance on gas and oil.

Chevy S-10Electric Vehicle Conversion

Chris (left) and Phil (right) Young. Local son and father duo Chris and Phil Young with their custom-built, electric Chevy S-10. See this vehicle as well as other eco-friendly vehicles at Aurora Greenfest Green Car Show on June 14. Photo by Betsy Carnahan

by Betsy M. Carnahan

Aurora’s Green Car Show highlights the latest trends in environmentally-friendly vehicles, including the project of local father and son duo—Phil and Chris Young—who recently converted their Chevy S-10 pickup truck to an all-electric, zero-emissions vehicle.

“When gas got to $4 a gallon, that’s when we pulled the trigger on building an electric vehicle,” said Phil Young. An electric vehicle boasts no exhaust emissions or waste oil, non-reliance on gas and oil, and reduced maintenance costs. Phil and Chris did early project research by attending Fox Valley Electric Auto Association (fveaa.org) meetings.

The pair then bought a used Chevy S-10 in excellent condition for $8,000; the truck had enough weight capacity—as well as enough room between the frame rails—to fit and support the 24 6-volt batteries that would be installed. Father and son spent an additional $14,000 on parts and supplies for the project.

Phil and Chris spent the next three years working on the custom conversion. The following was their (simplified) process.

Electric Conversion 101:

  • Remove internal combustion engine and transmission

  • Mate electric motor with transmission and re-install

  • Modify frame and build battery cages

  • Install batteries and electronic controls

  • Cab modifications: charger, instrumentation and electric heater

Thirty-six months and many evenings and weekends of hard work later, the Chevy S-10 was ready for her maiden voyage. “Our first drive went off without a hitch,” said Chris Young. “That was definitely the most satisfying part of the project. That, and the fact that never again would I have to swipe my credit card as the gas pump.”

The truck’s batteries power 50 miles of driving, and the S-10 has an on-board charging system that can be plugged into any 110- or 220-volt outlet. It takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge the truck. “The electric vehicle is an ideal, efficient commuter vehicle,” said Phil. He continued, “Electric vehicles are the future, but we need a paradigm shift and a lot of education to understand and embrace big changes like this.”

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For more green education, and to meet Phil and Chris Young and see their custom, electric Chevy S-10, join us at your Greenfest on June 14 in Aurora, Ill. Let’s work together to build our local, green economy!


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