About Aurora GreenFest

The Annual Aurora GreenFest is held each Fourth Saturday in September at the Prisco Community Center, 150 W. Illinois Ave.  Aurora GreenFest is organized by Aurora GreenLights in affiliation with The Conservation Foundation.

Kids’s Eco-Village – Explore & Enjoy!  Actividades Para Niños!

GreenLight Market & Community Trade Show
100+ Exhibitors! 3000+ Visitors!  
Feria Comunitaria!

Local Farmers | Granjeros Locales
Renewable Energy Solutions  |  Energía Alternativa
Nature & Conservation  | Exhibición de la Naturaleza
Car, Truck & Bike Expo | Carros Ecológicos
Recycling Extravaganza | Evento de Reciclaje

About Aurora GreenLights

Aurora GreenLights is an independent group of grassroots community organizers actively working to bring environmental education, activities and networking events into our urban communities.  Aurora GreenLights’ sustainable living initiatives are fueled by major support from families, friends and neighbors and also by generous gifts and contributions from local business, municipal, and nonprofit leaders.  Learn more about Aurora GreenLights.

The Conservation Foundation

Founded in 1972, The Conservation Foundation is one of our region’s oldest and largest not-for-profit land and watershed conservation organizations dedicated to preserving and restoring open space, protecting rivers and watersheds and promoting stewardship of the environment in northeastern Illinois. Learn more about The Conservation Foundation.

History of Aurora GreenFest

The first annual Aurora GreenFest was held the Second Saturday in June, 2010, with inspiration and support from environmental sustainability leadership movements sprouting in the Fox River Valley Region.

Fox River Valley’s first solar powered concert was held at the 3rd annual Aurora Greenfest in 2011, thanks to a generous gift from friends at WCP Solar of Naperville.  Aurora GreenLight’s 5 kw ground-mount solar array powered main stage entertainment all day long!

Visit The Conservation Foundation’s Dickson-Murst Farm to see Aurora GreenLight’s sentinel solar array in action. This gift now generates approximately half the electricity needed to power and maintain one of Fox River Valley’s original family farm homesteads with it’s beautiful barns and outbuildings.

Who comes to Aurora GreenFest?

Families, educators, and entrepreneurs come to enjoy inspiration, connection, and fun!  Aurora GreenFest draws 3000+ attendees and 100+ exhibitors from the Greater Aurora Area, Fox River Valley Region and Chicagoland.

The GreenLight Market & Community Trade Show is an exciting place for people seeking common sense, eco-friendly solutions for their homes and businesses.  In the Kids’s Eco-Village, children young and old learn the A-B-C’s of how to “go green” in the Fox River Valley.

Aurora GreenFest visitors and online fan communities include:

  • Local farms, grocers, and lovers of nourishing food

  • Eco-friendly families, homeowners and business leaders

  • Not-for-profit partners and educational organizations

  • Electric vehicle and fuel-efficient car enthusiasts

  • Green business developers and entrepreneurs

  • Healthy living, wellness and quality healthcare leaders

Together we will grow many wonderful things.

  • INSPIRE local leaders by taking practical steps towards a healthy future

  • CONNECT with new communities, families, customers and collaborators

  • ACTIVATE your great ideas and share them with the world!