Common sense solutions for Aurora & Fox River Valley!
Aurora GreenFest is held the Second Saturday in June @ Prisco Community Center

Highlights presented by GreenLife Media Group and Friends!

Second Saturday in June @ 
Prisco Community Center

Find regional sources for healthy food, products and services.
Learn about renewable sources for clean energy and fair trade manufactured goods.

Community Trade Show – 100+ Exhibitors!  Feria Comunitaria!

Children’s Eco-Village – Explore & Enjoy!  Actividades Para Niños!

Local Farmers | Granjeros Locales 
Clean Energy Solutions  |  Energía Alternativa
Nature & Conservation  | Exhibición de la Naturaleza 
Green Car, Truck & Bike Expo
| Carros Ecológicos
Recycling Extravaganza Evento de Reciclaje

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